This are the frequently asked questions (with answer) on Breton culture. This FAQ are monthly posted in the soc.culture.breton Internet newsgroup (Rationale and charter of this newsgroup). Any comment, adding, is welcome.

Maintained by Alain Cédelle and Philippe Louarn. - Last modified: February, 1st, 1999.

Br Breton version / Troidigezh brezhoneg (translated by Gildas Hamel and Jañ-Mai Drapier).
De German version / Deutche Seite (translated by Reinhard Vollmannshauser).
Jp Japanese version (translated by A. Bertrand).

Contents  /Sommaire

= unchanged / inchangé + updated / modifié New! new / nouveau
1 - Geography and history / Géographie et histoire
= 1.1 - What is Brittany? Qu'est-ce que la Bretagne ?
= 1.2 - What is the Breton flag? Quel est le drapeau breton ?
= 1.3 - Is Nantes included in Brittany? Nantes est-elle en Bretagne ?
= 1.4 - "High" or "Lower" Brittany? Haute ou Basse Bretagne ?
= 1.5 - What does BZH mean? Que signifie BZH ?
2 - Culture
= 2.1 - Any shops for books and music? Où trouver des livres et de la musique ?
+ 2.2 - Any suggestion for breton music? Des suggestions de musique bretonne ?
= 2.3 - Who wrote "La découverte ou l'ignorance"? D'où vient le texte, "La découverte ou l'ignorance" ?
3 - Food and drink / Gastronomie
= 3.1 - Breton / Celtic pubs and bars Pubs et bars bretons / celtiques
+ 3.2 - Pancake houses Crêperies
4 - The Breton language / La langue bretonne
= 4.1 - What is Breton word for ...? En breton, comment dit-on ... ?
= 4.2 - Places and addresses to learn Breton? Où apprendre le breton ?
= 4.3 - How to write Breton? Comment s'écrit le Breton ?
= 4.4 - Pourquoi plusieurs systèmes d'orthographe ? (french only)
= 4.5 - Any breton broadcasts on radios and TVs? Où et quand entendre du breton à la radio ou la télévision ?
5 - Miscellaneous / Divers
= 5.1 - Any list of Breton links? Où trouver une liste de liens Internet bretons ?
= 5.2 - News from Brittany on Internet Où trouver des infos sur la Bretagne sur le net ?
= 5.3 - Any list of breton firstnames? Où trouver une liste de prénoms bretons ?

The soc.culture.breton newsgroup

1996/01/02 : unmoderated group soc.culture.breton passed 400:25

There were 400 YES votes and 25 NO votes, for a total of 425 valid votes. There were 5 invalid ballots.

RATIONALE: soc.culture.breton

There is a need for a forum where people all over the world can exchange information about Breton culture and Brittany. There currently is no newsgroup for which Bretons, and people interested about Brittany, can discuss specifically Breton topics.

All are welcome to participate.

CHARTER: soc.culture.breton

soc.culture.breton is intended to be an unmoderated forum for the discussion of issues relevant to Breton culture and Brittany.

All topics for discussion relevant to the Breton people are appropriate but would include, not exclusively:

The primary languages of soc.culture.breton will be Breton, English and French. Posting in other languages will be allowed, and we encourage translations into one or all of the primary languages for the benefit of the users of USENET.

This group is unmoderated, and flame wars, and bad language are strongly discouraged. Discussions of this nature should be taken to alt.flame