Breton and Celtic Journalists' Association
Breton and Celtic Journalists'Association Background story

Founded on 19 June 1993, this assocation was rapidly involved in solidarity with threatened reporters, especially those from Algeria. Its liaison bulletin became in October 1996 the monthly newsletter The Breton Reporter, a tribute to our colleagues from the Irish Reporter. So far the association concentrated on organizing debates and professionnal encounters and joint ventures with other colleagues such as those from the Rennes Press Club. A week-end forum on the internet led to the creation of these pages on the web. In 1996, Year of the Irish Imaginary in France, the Breton Journalists'Association liaised with the Breton writers to launch an Appeal to those involved in the Peace process to carry on negociations. 


On 11 December 1996, the Official legal bulletin from the French Republic published the aims of the association : " To facilitate professional and cultural exchanges between members and those living in the historical boundaries of Brittany or coming from there or from other Celtic countries (Cornwall, Galicia, Ireland, Isle of Man, Scotland, Wales); to encourage the circulation of informations respecting the professional ethics and promoting the freedom of the press." 

Becoming a member

Article 5 of our regulations : "Our association comprises full members and associated members. Are considered full members : 

- journalists who hold a professional card, 

- authors whose main proceeds stem from journalistic work, 

- other professionals who work in the media, without necessarily holding a card, after decision from the committee 

Could be associated members : 

- Those who are involved in publishing media on a voluntary and unpaid basis and others who can play a positive role for the betterment of the Association. 

In 1997, full member's yearly fee is 100 Francs and 75 FF for association. Our association welcomes membership and news from other Celtic countries. 

Elected officers of the Committee
  • Chairman Roger Faligot (The European)
  • Deputy Chairman André Célarié (Honorary journalist)
  • Bertrand Lemonier (AFP)

  • Franck Renaud (Ouest France) 
  • General-Secretary Renaud Marhic (freelance)

  • Deputy Hervé Ciret (La 5 TV Channel) 
  • Treasurer Bernnez Rouz ( France 3 TV Channel)