Island of Brehat : the tide mill. High tide

Ur vilin gozh pell 'zo dilezet - Na trist !
Difiñv ha krevrinus o selaou kroz ar skluz
                                                 Anjela Duval

How sad to see a long-deserted old mill,
   Standing mysteriously still over the roaring sluice.

Island of Brehat :
The Birlot tide mill
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Where is the Birlot tide mill located ?
                     France                                                               Island of Brehat

The archipelago of Brehat is washed by the Channel. It is situated to the north of Brittany, in the "Cotes d'Armor" departement.
The Birlot tide mill over looks the
Kerpont channel, to the west of the main island of Brehat.
140-meter-long dyke bars a bight, turning it into a 2-hectare, 30,000 cubic meter supply of water for the mill.

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Island of Brehat : the tide mill and the sea-pound

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