The castle of the duchess Anne ...

The castle of the duchess Anne is composed a dungeon, the tour Cöetquen and the door of the Window.  
In years 1380, on the order of the duke John IV, the architect Estienne the Thur establishes some plans.  

Formed two tour of 34m of high, it was covered a roof that was replaced to the XVIIIe century by a plateform of artillery.    
The courtine that goes from the dungeon to the door of the Window is composed of two galleries superposed.    
The dungeon was both a fortress and a place of habitation .  

The tour of Cöetquen is composed of three floors, where is found   three great halls with walls of 5m .A the tour origin of artillery, it
serves to the midle of the XVIIIe prison and place century of meeting to the first lodges masonic.    

It is today a museum that one can visit.    
The summit it one enjoys a tremendous landscape on the countryside
of where one can see equally the old city, as well as the promenade of the Small - Fossés.